About: Defining Vanity Fair Photography Style

When you stop by the home page of jodilister.com one of the first things you read is that I create Vanity Fair style portraits. If you are familiar with the magazine then beautiful imagery created by some of the world’s most famous fashion photographers likely flash across your mind. From Herb Ritts to Annie Leibovitz, these iconic photographers have created covers that have delighted readers for over a century. Their celebrity pictures are filled with beautiful hair and makeup along with gorgeous gowns, creating the ultimate glamour experience.  The hollywood lighting, dramatic sets, and complimentary poses all add to this effect.

What makes their photography unique from other fashion magazines, however, is that they manage to contain all that glitz and still showcase the true personalities of their models. Photography Director at Vanity Fair, Susan White, highlights this intention in her quote, “we always try to bring out a subject’s authenticity, even when we are plastering them with glam elements.” This is the same intention behind the portraits I create for you. Yes, there is hair and make up, wardrobe consultations, careful posing, flattering lighting, and photo sets to make you look and feel like the cover of a magazine (because you are beautiful and deserve to be pampered like a celebrity!) but, in the midst of all of that pampering, your true character still shines through.

Though couture gowns may not be for everyone, I believe that a beautiful photo of yourself is something that is for everyone. The dictionary defines glamour as “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.” Each person has been given a gift that makes them unique and, through a Vanity Fair portrait session, I can help your essence shine through in photographs, whether that be in a simple white shirt or beaded custom gown.  Images that you and your loved ones will cherish because they capture your incredible personality all while looking your best.

Do you have a favorite Vanity Fair image? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!