Time for an honest discussion. Standing in front of the camera can be difficult for many.
But, it can also be an amazing experience that leaves a positive lasting impression!

Below Jodi chats about some of the fears that having your portrait can bring up and how she helps you
to not only overcome that anxiety but, love yourself in photographs.

“I'm not Photogenic”

There is no such thing as being photogenic or not!  Posing and lighting a person is an art form that takes years of experience to master.  If you have never seen a good photo of yourself this breaks my heart but I am confident that I can help you!  You simply have not stood in front of a photographer that knows how to capture your beauty. It's my job to make you look gorgeous and I know the photo tools to make that happen.  Let me show you how beautiful you truly are through my lens.

“I want to lose a few pounds before my shoot.”

Please don’t wait.  Tomorrow is never promised and you are made beautifully as you are, today.  Should you still be concerned, know that through posing, I can visually take off up to 20 pounds.  Exist in photographs now for your loved ones.  One day they will be so grateful that you put your insecurities aside to provide them with a precious portrait of you.

“I'm too old”

Like a 30 year old scotch, as we age, we become more valuable.  I truly believe that every laugh line is a record of the joy in your years.  Celebrate the wisdom you have been given from this precious gift of time through a beautiful portrait of yourself.  One day your family will be grateful to have images that commemorate every period of your life and not just youth.  If this isn’t inspiration enough, feel confident in the knowledge that with good lighting alone, I can take at least 10 years off.  


A professional hair and makeup artist is included with your sitting fee to ensure you are camera ready.  Even if you are a regular makeup user, the 2-dimensional look of a photograph requires a different application than the makeup we wear for regular use in our 3-dimensional world.  Hair and makeup is also important for men as our natural skin oils can appear shiny on camera and facial hair usually needs grooming.  On the day of your shoot we will discuss different makeup looks from casual to glamorous and you can choose how little or how much makeup you would like to wear for your pictures. The amount of styling is completely up to you!

“I don't have anything to wear”

During your wardrobe consultation, we will review a detailed guide that will help you find something in your closet that is perfect for your photo shoot. The studio also has a supply of clothing and accessories to give you even more options.  Finally, I recommend renting wardrobe!  Rental clothing companies are perfect for temporarily glamming up your closet without the stress of worrying if you’ll ever wear it again or finding storage space in your closet.

“I don't want to look photoshopped”

Wardrobe selection, hair and makeup, posing, and lighting are all essential ingredients in making an incredible portrait but the icing on the cake is retouching.  As a digital photography teacher for over a decade, I have mastered the art of retouching to ensure that you look your best without being overdone.  Every image is individually edited to ensure that your natural beauty remains but the shadows from wrinkles and creases are reduced, hair frizz is removed, skin is lightly smoothed, and eyes and teeth are brightened.  With these subtle enhancements, your true beauty shines through, not the wonder of Photoshop. No filters necessary.


I love when clients share their portraits online!  As a luxury portrait studio that ensures your images create a lasting legacy, prints are an important part of that service.  With the constant changes in digital technology, a printed image guarantees you have an archival quality portrait that will withstand the test of time.  With every print purchase, a fully retouched digital file ready to share online with friends, family, or clients is included so you get the best of both!  

"I need to know if it fits my budget."

The portrait sitting fee covers the entire celebrity makeover experience from wardrobe consultation and professional makeover to 2 hours of shooting time for you and another person of your choosing in the studio.  Sitting fees start at $349. During your print reveal, you have the option to purchase images in a stress-free environment.  Wall portraits start at $175 and folio box collections start at $900 and go up from there. What you purchase is entirely up to you. You only buy what you love. In addition, payment plans and credit card transactions are available.