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Personal Branding: When do you need more than a Headshot?

Headshots are an excellent tool for a company who is trying to create a consistent look throughout their staff. They cast a polished and professional light and help make a good first impression when a client visits a website, social media profile, or printed advertising such as signage and flyers. Personal branding can also produce similar results but takes the visual identity a step further.

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Personal Branding: Is your Body Language sending the right message?

If actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand words, combing the two together just might fill a book! Have you ever looked at your own portraits and analyzed what story your pose is saying? I have compiled a list of 5 of the key ways you can make sure your body language is on brand and speaking directly to your client the right way.

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Personal Branding: What’s color got to do with it?

The presence of color in our visual world influences us on a daily basis. Translating this study of color to your personal branding imagery provides important affects to your brand. The colors of the background, lighting, wardrobe, even lipstick and nail polish colors, can all be targeted to send the right message to your ideal client.

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