Preparing for Your Session: 5 Grooming Tips for Men

So you've booked your portrait session. Now we need to get you ready for the big day!  The following 5 tips will help you be picture ready...  

  1. Hair - A fresh cut and shave is always a good idea. Please shave the day of your shoot. Trim beards and comb them. For hair styling, make sure to book any cut/color appointments several days before your shoot to give your hair time to settle. This is typically not the best time to try out a new look as you may look back on your images and regret the style choice. Any tweezing, waxing, etc. should also be done at least 24-48 hours in advance to avoid redness or swelling. 
  2. Eyes - Are glasses a part of your signature look? if so, you'll want to wear glasses in your shoot however, the glare on glasses can detract from your eyes in photos. The easiest solution to this is to have your lenses removed from your frames for your shoot by a professional. Have frames that the lenses can't be removed? Ask to borrow empty frames from your optometrist or at the very least, make sure your lenses are cleaned. Also, if you suffer from dry or red eyes, consider bringing along eye drops.
  3. Skin -  Please be well hydrated to ensure your skin is properly nourished. Make sure lips are moisturized. Use lotion on your face and neck but please skip sunscreen as it can cause skin discoloration in photographs. Avoid getting too much sun before your session to ensure you don't sunburn. Also, please avoid having a spray tan the week of your photos due to color cast issues. If you have a breakout the morning of your shoot, don't stress! Rest assured that between the professional makeup artist and retouching included in your session, you will look great. 
  4. Nails - Your hands will be included in your portraits so this is the perfect time for a manicure. If you prefer to diy - be sure to trim and file nails as well as moisturize your hands and elbows.
  5. Teeth - Clean, polished teeth, will help your smile sparkle. Floss and brush just before your shoot. If you have a session scheduled for late afternoon, be sure to pack a toothbrush kit with you so you can wash the day's coffee off before your session. 

Any tips I didn't include here that would help you ready for a male portrait session? I'd love to hear in the comments below!