Preparing for Your Session: 10 Fashion Tips for Men

Does your “New Year, New You” plan include a portrait session? This could be a great time to update your branding or create a legacy portrait for your family commemorating this precious time in your lives. Either way, you’re going to want to look the part. Below I’ve included some wardrobe tips for men on how to prepare for your shoot. After you’ve reviewed these helpful points, be sure to catch up on my previous post on men’s grooming tips to complete your look.

  1. Feel free to bring more options than you think you may need as this will help ensure you have options for varying backgrounds and locations..

  2. Consider bringing varying levels of attire to show off your multifaceted personality.. Some ideas include: suit & tie, sports jacket and dress shirt, something more casual such as a polo or button-down shirt & jeans.

  3. In order to maintain a consistent look in each of your images please consider the end use of your images. If the shoot is for professional use, make sure to wear colors that match your branding as you want your portraits to remain consistent with your visual identity. When selecting wardrobe for personal use, think abut how you might use the photos. If you’re thinking about the possibility of a framed enlargement for your walls you may want to blend your colors with the home decor where the framed image will be displayed.

  4. Please avoid loud graphic patterns and logos so that you stand out rather than your clothing (unless, of course, its part of your brand!)

  5. Layering looks great in photographs. Do consider adding a blazer or sweater, just skip bulky outdoor jackets.

  6. Please be sure everything is laundered and wrinkle free.

  7. Try on all outfits before the shoot to ensure everything fits properly, not too tight, too loose, etc., and that there are not fraying threads or missing buttons.

  8. Bring matching belts, shoes, socks for each outfit.

  9. Make sure to bring the correct undergarments for each outfit - avoid having the wrong colored undershirt or ill-fitting boxers.

  10. Accessories such as watches, tie clips, pocket scarves, and even hats are welcome items that can add a personalized look.