Jodi Lister Contemporary Portrait Studio creates Vanity Fair style portraits emphasizing the beauty found in every woman.  It is a luxury photo shoot that will make you feel like the woman on the cover of a magazine.  The experience promises you confidence in front of the camera and may even change the way you see yourself. 

The studio is located in San Diego County, California and provides a full service portrait photography experience including a wardrobe consultation, a professional hair and makeup artist during your shoot, full retouching of your pictures, and an in-person image reveal to help guide you through your print selection.


Do you look at portraits and think to yourself,
"Well, she looks incredible but I could never look like that"?

Don't worry, you're not the first person I've heard this from but I'm here to tell it is NOT TRUE.
Let me show you how beautiful you are through my lens.

I promise to take the best photos you have ever seen of yourself and bring back your confidence.